Small Data Garden’s IOTSU® VARMA solutions multiply the benefits of IoT data

The challenge of IoT monitoring is the large amount of data that is not fully utilised. Small Data Garden’s IOTSU® solution can be directly connected to the building automation system, allowing the collected data to be easily used to control building operations and to get the full benefit of the collected information.

The IOTSU® VARMA solution provides energy savings and intelligent control for home automation. The solution enables the transformation of an old traditional system into a modern solution without major system redesign. The IOTSU® VARMA Control Link service solution enables intelligent building automation. For example, it allows the ventilation system to react to changing ventilation needs to improve air quality.

IOTSU AQ09 Combo

“The IOTSU® VARMA Control Link service solution can be controlled remotely via the IOTSU® VARMA Cloud or it can work together with the IOTSU® VARMA service. Adjustments can be made in near real-time. The intelligent control unit communicates with the cloud service via a low-power LoRaWAN® network,” says Ville Salminen, responsible for cloud service development.

Small Data Garden is a Finnish company that develops, manufactures and delivers high-quality IOTSU® services and hardware solutions. IOTSU® products and service solutions are designed, assembled, tested and maintained in Finland to ensure high product and service quality and fast delivery.