IoT Device Solutions for Air Quality, Location and Motion Tracking

Small Data Garden offers IoT device solutions that are built to last. Choose from the IOTSU® Varma, Vakaa, and Valpas product families and integrate the devices with ease into your existing IoT architecture. Contact us to learn more!

Designed for System Integrators and Solution Providers

IOTSU® devices are designed to be used as part of a system to provide value to a process. The products can be integrated to existing or new systems and have features that help business partners in launching amazing solutions based on the IOTSU® device platform.
IOTSU® devices are reliable, well documented, configurable, and designed to match their intended use cases. The expertise of Small Data Garden’s personnel is available for anyone looking into applying IOTSU® to their business field. Contact us to learn more!

IOTSU® VARMA - Indoor air quality

IOTSU® Indoor Air Quality solutions gather valid data from home environments, office areas, public spaces, and construction sites to ensure healthy & safe indoor air.

IOTSU® VAKAA - Location

IOTSU® Location solutions can be used for tracking valuable assets and transports.

IOTSU® VALPAS - Motion tracking

IOTSU® Motion solutions can be used for monitoring acceleration and detecting the orientation of objects.

Integrating IOTSU® to a system

Small Data Garden provides comprehensive documentation on how to use, understand and configure IOTSU® products. Product catalogue and our device selector make it easy to pick the needed products. Our installation guidelines make it easy to install the sensors safely and reliably. Parser sheets describe both uplink and downlink frames and include useful examples. This enables the integration of IOTSU® to various systems.

Please contact us if you are interested in any other documentation regarding our products:
IOTSU® Product catalogue
Technical guides for system integrators
Parser sheets for payload decoding
Device usage and installation guideline

The LPWAN concept

IOTSU® sensor units utilise specialized low-power wide-area IoT networks such as Sigfox and LoRaWAN. They are designed to enable a new era of wireless connectivity. These radio technologies enable small, low-cost, energy-efficient communication that requires no local gateways to start gathering data.