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Grow your business with wireless, easy-to-integrate and reliable IoT devices. IOTSU® enables easy and cost-efficient data gathering for various business fields.

Air Quality

Air Quality


IOTSU® Air Quality solutions gather valid data for service providers, real estate management and construction business.



IOTSU S2R Location

IOTSU® Location solutions can be used for tracking valuable assets and transports, cold chains and maintenance needs.



IOTSU S1 Motion

IOTSU® Motion applications can be used for monitoring room usage and occupation or for security use.


Flexi – Flexible Tracking

IOTSU® Flexi is a revolutionary tracking device that fits and bends. IOTSU® Flexi is a plaster-like node which can easily be integrated to all kinds of objects. Due to its revolutionary design, it cuts hardware cost in larger volumes and extends the application areas of IoT to all kinds of small objects.

With IOTSU® Flexi you can track for example acceleration, orientation, position and temperature. Flexi is perfect for small asset tracking, premium parcel services, cold chain management and measuring industrial processes.

We are launching innovative IOTSU® Flexi in the beginning of 2021. 

We bring IoT to life

We at Small Data Garden provide you with the reliable IoT-devices you need to create great solutions for your customers and end-users. All our devices are designed, assembled, tested and maintained in Finland. Our team knows exactly how our devices and solutions work, so you can rest assured they will work. 

Our diverse team has more than 100 years of experience combined with solving problems and challenges in the global IoT industry. With us you can count on fast delivery and quality service. Contact us today!


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Timo Liukko
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Sander Soitu
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Minna Vilponen
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