Business Partners

Are you looking for an IoT partner? Become our business partner and grow your business with scalable IoT solutions.

Digita Oy

Digita is our trusted business partner and the main distributor of IOTSU® device solutions in Finland. Small Data Garden offers the most reliable and practical device solutions in the global market today to Digita’s cutting-edge IoT ecosystem. They are operated through the LoRaWAN network that covers nearly all of Finland. Learn more about Digita’s IoT services here: Digita’s homepage Digita’s IoT solutions

Stig Wahlström Oy

Stig Wahlström Oy

Stig Wahlström is  a measurement and control technology professional in Finland and has an  agreement with Small Data Garden to be the distributor of IOTSU® VARMA devices. SWOY offers IOTSU® VARMA device solutions for the needs of the process industry sector as well as building automation systems. 

Learn more about Stig Wahlström’s services here:

Stig Wahlstrom’s homepage
Stig Wahlstrom’s wireless IOTSU® device solutions

Looking For an IoT Partner?

We are looking for Business Partners to extend our international network and to cooperate with us in terms of our innovative IOTSU® products. Our target is to become one of the forerunners driving the IoT industry. Our business model relies on strong local and sectoral collaboration, adding value to customer’s solutions based on IOTSU® devices and solutions. Small Data Garden is looking for Business Partners:
  • Who have a strong market understanding and are well established on their target market.
  • Who have the desire to grow and create new revenue streams
  • Who are eager to create and deliver solutions and services based on our IOTSU® product family
  • Who have the resources and competence to scale IOTSU® solutions
  • Who operate preferably in the domains of real estate management construction, asset management, logistics, service providers or other applicable industries
  • Who are interested to enter and contribute to our IOTSU® Ecosystem
If you are interested in creating new business with IOTSU®, contact us today!