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Welcome to Small Data Garden’s support center for customers and partners. Here you can find out more about our values and frequently asked questions as well as our contact information and form.

Our Product Families

Our three product families VARMA, VAKAA, and VALPAS, derive their names from Finnish, meaning “Secure”, “Stable”, and “Vigilant”, respectively. This is because our service and device solutions are just that – the beauty of our products lies in their reliability and practicality. Our products are designed, developed and manufactured to provide seamless wireless connection, always vigilant, offering solutions that are built to last.
That’s why we chose VARMA, VAKAA, and VALPAS – that is “Secure”, “Stable”, and “Vigilant” – as the names for our three product families, as these are the qualities that are present in all devices that Small Data Garden develops. VARMA, VAKAA, and VALPAS form the backbone of Small Data Garden.

Frequently asked questions

Read more about frequently asked questions on Small Data Garden’s device and service solutions.

Our innovation relies on developing practical solutions, which is why Small Data Garden’s device solutions are designed to be easily integrated into your existing IoT architecture. To find out more about how our devices are compatible with your existing IoT architecture, you can contact any of our System Specialists who will answer all your questions.
The VARMA, VAKAA and VALPAS service solutions include either our standard, professional or entreprise packages. Visit our VARMA, VAKAA and VALPAS service solution pages or contact our team to learn more about our service solutions.
Contact our sales team and book a video call to discuss your needs and hear our proposal for the device or service solution.
To find out more about the technical aspects of our IOTSU® family of products, scroll down the page to the footer, where you will find the IOTSU® Brochures and Datasheets where the technical aspects of all our products are listed.

We offer detailed documentation about the integration and deployment of our IOTSU® device solutions for customers and business partners. Contact us to learn more!
To find out more about business partnership opportunities with Small Data Garden visit our Business Partners page or contact us with any questions in mind.

Meet the Company

Timo Liukko

Timo Liukko
Partner & Chairman
+358 40 701 2272

Sander Soitu

Sander Soitu
System Specialist
+358 45 355 2410

Minna Vilponen

Minna Vilponen
Solution Support Engineer
+358 45 852 9227


Petri Hänninen
Partner & CTO
+358 40 595 4259

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