New solution for electricity and energy companies – Now available on Elisa’s IoT network

IOTSU® solutions enhance the monitoring and reliability of electricity networks. The remote monitoring solution increases reliability, safety and operational efficiency. The IOTSU® solution allows monitoring of internal temperature and humidity conditions in the transformer cabinets, which helps to detect damage in time and to anticipate maintenance actions.

The new solution improves the safety of electrical cabinets by detecting unauthorised activities inside the cabinets. This is made possible by sensing presence and light levels and ensuring that the doors of the electrical cabinets are closed to prevent unauthorised persons from harming themselves.

At the heart of the solutions is the IOTSU® platform, which combines the best measurement solutions on the market to deliver high-quality data collection and benefits. Fully wireless and maintenance-free IOTSU® solutions make deployment easy and fast.

Small Data Garden solutions are based on intelligent IOTSU® measurement devices and well-packaged service and reporting solutions. IOTSU® is verified in the market and more than 30,000 IOTSU® devices and solutions have been delivered. Solutions are designed, manufactured, tested and maintained in Finland to ensure high product and service quality.

Elisa’s comprehensive, reliable and secure network ensures the functionality of IoT solutions. You can get a complete IoT solution from Elisa or just the parts you need, such as IoT interfaces and platforms. We offer both off-the-shelf packages and customised options. Working closely with our customers, we ensure that IoT data brings real value to your business and your end customers.

IOTSU® rH Temp Plus now also available for Elisa’s IoT network.

When Elisa and Small Data Garden join forces, users can be offered the best domestic IoT solutions for their needs.

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