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IOTSU® Services for Businesses

Service needs are identified together with the customer. By identifying the customer’s specific problems, our services and equipment meet the customer’s needs.  Choose an IoT solution from the  IOTSU® VARMA and VAKAA product families to meet your needs.

Our service models are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Our services are available standalone or easily integrated with other systems. This customisation also allows our services and equipment to meet the real requirements of our customers.

Wireless Service Solutions for Homes and Buildings

The IOTSU® VARMA service collects data from homes, offices, public spaces and other properties to ensure healthy and safe indoor air.



Indoor Air Quality



Service Solutions for Logistics and Tracking of Important Objects

The IOTSU® VAKAA service monitors the location and conditions of important objects and machines, as well as the uptime and maintenance needs of machines and vehicles.

Maintain Ideal

With automatic remote monitoring, you can maintain quality conditions.

Peace of Mind with Automatic Monitoring

Allows you to react quickly and gives you a clear picture of what is happening.

Reporting and

Monitor conditions in real time.

Identify Changes and Avoid Extra Costs

Identify changes and avoid extra costs.

Benefits of


Service Solutions


Service Mapping and Planning

Service needs are identified together with the customer, ensuring high product and service quality.

Equipment Supply and Model Installation

The equipment is delivered, followed by a model installation. Once installed, the equipment is immediately ready for use.

Steps to Design and Implementation

Together with our customers, we design regular automatic reporting and preventive alarms.

Service and Customer Support

Customer support is included in the contract. Our expert team is always at your disposal, ensuring peace of mind for the duration of the contract.

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