IoT Solutions & Services

We provide a wide range of solutions and services for air quality, location and motion tracking. With IOTSU® you collect data effectively and with full control.

IOTSU® as a Solution

IOTSU® is a high-quality IoT device platform which combines the features of well-designed hardware and a versatile firmware. All IOTSU® devices are designed by Small Data Garden in Finland with reliability, battery longevity, and antenna technology in mind, which makes them ideal to be used by business partners as part of their service offerings.

We are constantly in touch with partners in different business fields to develop products that best fit the need. With the help of IOTSU® our business partners can offer better solutions and services to their customers.

Designed for System Integrators and Solution Providers

IOTSU® devices are designed to be used as part of a system to provide value to a process. The products can be integrated to existing or new systems and have features that help business partners in launching amazing solutions based on the IOTSU® device platform. IOTSU® devices are reliable, well documented, configurable, and designed to match their intended use cases. The expertise of Small Data Garden’s personnel is available for anyone looking into applying IOTSU® to their business field.

Example solutions based on the IOTSU® hardware platform include:

Case: Indoor Air Quality

IOTSU Air Quality

IOTSU® Indoor Air Quality solutions enable reliable and cost-effective monitoring for business owners. Keeping track of the quality of indoor air shows responsibility and caring to the people using the room. The need for monitoring air quality is also relevant for ensuring good work efficiency at the workplace. IOTSU® makes monitoring simple and maintenance free. The user receives notifications from the system if something is not in order and can take early action to correct the situation.

Case: Logistics

package tracking

IOTSU® Location solutions can be used for tracking important, valuable, or critical cargo during shipment process. IOTSU® devices can be attached to the cargo before shipping. Every move of the cargo will be recorded and the information is sent to the cloud. The route and location of the cargo can be easily followed during and after the shipment by using intuitive map tools. This increases transparency during the shipment and creates peace of mind both for the sender, recipient and for the logistics company.

Case: Indoor Air Quality Expert services

Air quality measurement dashboard

For indoor air quality expert service providers, IOTSU® provides an easy to use, reliable, and cost-efficient tool on which they can base their business on. The service provider can solve their customer’s problems and challenges by having the correct devices and reliable delivery. IOTSU® Air Quality solutions gather valid data of air quality levels in homes and offices and enable optimization of energy consumption as well as on time actions for ensuring structure health.

Integrating IOTSU® to a system:

Small Data Garden provides comprehensive documentation on how to use, understand and configure IOTSU® products. Product catalogue and our device selector make it easy to pick the needed products. Our installation guidelines make it easy to install the sensors safely and reliably. Parser sheets describe both uplink and downlink frames and include useful examples. This enables the integration of IOTSU® to various systems.

Please contact us if you are interested in any other documentation regarding our products:

  • IOTSU® Product catalogue
  • Technical guides for system integrators
  • Parser sheets for payload decoding
  • Device usage and installation guidelines

The LPWAN concept

IOTSU® sensor units utilise specialized low-power wide-area IoT networks such as Sigfox and LoRaWAN. They are designed to enable a new era of wireless connectivity. These radio technologies enable small, low-cost, energy-efficient communication that requires no local gateways to start gathering data.


Devices periodically transmit uplink data messages containing measurement data to the cloud. IOTSU® devices are also designed to utilise downlink data messages to receive communication from the cloud. With downlink messages the behaviour of the IOTSU® devices can be easily and remotely adjusted according to the need.

IOTSU System Concept

IOTSU® Cloud services

Web-based cloud platforms offer intuitive tools for accessing the data gathered by IOTSU® devices. A good cloud platform enables effortless management of sensor fleets including provisioning, naming and sharing of devices. Cloud-based interfaces also provide graphs, charts and lists to visualize and compare the collected data, allow to set and acknowledge alarms and make it possible to transfer data to third-party software for further analysis.

Notifications via email or SMS or customized reports are also possible to quickly inform the user if something needs attention. For example, SMS alarms in case of high CO2 levels or monthly email reports regarding building temperature levels can be generated.

While IOTSU® products can be utilized with any suitable platform, Small Data Garden offers some preference cloud platforms:

FoxerIoT for devices with Sigfox connectivity


For devices with Sigfox connectivity, FoxerIoT by Connected Inventions can be used.

FoxerIoT offers super simple dashboards to track and manage all your important data and sensors.  More information:

IOTSU® Cloud for devices with any connectivity


IOTSU® Cloud by Small Data Garden can be used for devices with any connectivity.

IOTSU® Cloud offers tools for accessing the data gathered by IOTSU® sensor nodes.

IOTSU Cloud Dashboard

Visualizing data with IOTSU Cloud dashboard

Dashboard allows the user to visualize the data and see and acknowledge alarms sent by various sensors. Dashboard functions seamlessly on both PC and mobile devices.