Comprehensive Service Solution for Indoor Air Quality Management

Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring with IOTSU® VARMA

We enable 35% less sickness with high air quality.

We provide 21% in energy savings.

Predictive maintenance saves up to 30%.

Indoor air reporting helps to verify responsibility according to EU targets.

Manage Real Estate Portfolio Holistically

Indoor air quality has been proven to have a significant impact on health, productivity and overall quality of life of people, and it also affects the health of buildings. This is why ensuring good air quality is paramount.

We enable property owners to take care of the air quality in their real estate portfolio in a holistic way with the IOTSU® VARMA service solution.


Property Owners’ Partner in Indoor Air Management

Stay informed of the actual indoor climate in your properties and make responsible decisions to enable tenants take in the best air possible, improve efficiency, productivity, and enhance life cycle value with IOTSU® VARMA.

Poor indoor air quality influences tenant comfort, property value, and energy efficiency. It can also affect productivity in work environments. Monitoring indoor air quality with IOTSU® VARMA is the most efficient solution to get reliable and real-time data.

High IOTSU® Service Quality

Clear Packaging

Based on clear service packages utilising modern technology.

Quick Implementation

We help you in planning and implementing of the solution.

Wireless and Reliable

Using stable and maintenance-free technologies.


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Indoor Air Solutions as a Service

All indoor climate data collected by the all-wireless IOTSU® service is verified and reliable. The service can in addition be supplemented with additional services to provide an overall solution including advanced cloud tools, control room services and indoor climate managers.

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