WELL aims to improve human health and well-being in the workplace

The design of office spaces has traditionally focused on the spaces themselves. A recent trend is to shift the focus from the spaces to the users, and to design and ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment for them. This not only improves well-being at work, but it also increases productivity.

The WELL certification is an approach to improving the health and well-being of employees in the workplace. The approach uses a variety of methods to optimise the functioning of premises and the working environment, aiming to create better working conditions. This approach, which is becoming more widespread in Europe, is based on the latest scientific research. One aspect of the WELL certificate is indoor air quality, and to ensure this, the standard defines the measurement of factors affecting air quality and the intervention in the case of abnormalities.

IOTSU® measuring units meet the WELL requirements for indoor air sensors and they can be used in projects that are seeking WELL certification. With wireless and cost-effective IOTSU® measurement units, you not only meet the requirements for WELL-certification, but you also get continuous visibility into the indoor air quality and health of your workspaces!

IOTSU AQ09 Combo
The IOTSU® L7 is an all-around solution for WELL sites. It combines key indoor air quality measurements, is easy to use and it is overall cost-effective. In addition, other combination products of the IOTSU® indoor air quality family such as the IOTSU® AQ01 and IOTSU® AQ05 are available for use in WELL-projects.

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