Motion – Acceleration and Orientation
IoT services suitable for manufacturing, safety and security needs

Why monitor orientation and acceleration with IoT?

Ensure safety in your manufacturing plant or ensure security in your facility, business or home with a reliable and practical IoT solution. Receive notifications about events happening in real-time, whether its from human presence, switch actuation, opening of doors or other activity.
IoT tracking of orientation and acceleration permits you to stay aware of the positioning of all the valves in your manufacturing plant, something that would be impossible (or at least nearly impossible) with mere human resources. Channel human resources where they are needed the most and let automated data collection do the trick for you.

Benefits of


Take Security to a New Level

Monitor and verify the presence of people and movement in different locations, both outdoors and indoors, efficiently and in a wide variety of use cases.

Self-Monitoring Sensors

Easily install automatic sensors that allow for complete transparency regarding any malfunction, with the option to retrieve past incidents afterwards.

Identify Changes in

Receive alerts about usage of switches, doors or cabinets and the movement of people. Save in time and in costs with remote IoT monitoring.

Save Time and Prevent Extra Costs

Wireless sensors suitable for different destinations can effectively prevent damage and extra costs and optimise resources more efficiently.

Service Mapping and Optimisation

The service needs are mapped together with the customer, while maintaining a high product and service quality.

Device Delivery and Sample Installation

The equipment is delivered, an example installation is carried, after the instalment the device is ready for immediate use.

Steps to Planning and Implementation

Regular automatic reporting and preventive alert limits are planned and directed to responsible parties.

Service and Customer Support

Service support is included in the contract. Our team of experts is at your disposal, ensuring peace of mind throughout the contract.

Service Solutions


Use Case with


Industrial Plants

Large industrial areas bring additional challenges as distances are large and monitoring the positioning of levers and switches is difficult. Click below to learn more about how IOTSU® VALPAS enables better monitoring on the positioning of levers, switches and cabinets.
Learn more about the IOTSU® VALPAS service solution and join our group of satisfied customers.

Service Solution Models

Our models are flexible and customisable for your needs. Contact us and together we can find the best model for you


  • Delivery of equipment
  • Sample installation
  • Reporting
  • Professional

  • Expert services and solutions
  • Device delivery and sample installation
  • Reporting – planning and implementation
  • Service support and care
  • Enterprise

  • Optimised expert services and solutions
  • Device delivery and sample installation
  • Customer-specific reporting – planning, implementation, and background support
  • Service support and care
  • Service Solutions Deployment

    Clear Deployment

    During commissioning, we guide you through the reporting and analysis of remote monitoring.

    Real-Time Data

    Receive real-time data immediately after the device is set-up with the data being sent straight to the cloud.

    Service Optimisation

    Set up customised users, track results and set alert limits and notifications with our professional team.

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