Location – Logistics and Asset Tracking
IoT services for tracking valuable assets, transports and maintenance needs of machines

Why track valuable assets with IoT?

Asset tracking is a vital business process that can be significantly improved by utilising automatic data collection tools. IoT solutions in asset tracking and special asset management permit the monitoring of all essential, valuable and critical deliveries or assets in real-time.

Track location, temperature, acceleration and more to avoid having to channel human resources into finding lost deliveries or assets, or to anticipate the maintenance and repair needs of your machinery. Automated real-time data collection allows for optimisation of usage and saves in costs.

Benefits of


Maintain High-Quality Conditions

Monitor the different phases of transportation and storage, and preserve safe and high-quality conditions of the consignment in real-time.

Transparency in Optimising Services

The collected data brings transparency to the entire supply chain and provides insight for optimising and ensuring high-quality services.

Peace of Mind with Automatic Monitoring

Know the location of valuable machinery, equipment, and property. Enable a rapid response if changes arise in the transportation conditions.

Identify Changes and Prevent Extra Costs

By measuring wireless transmissions and changes in their quality and conditions, you can prevent problems and additional costs.

Service Mapping and Optimisation

The service needs are mapped together with the customer, while maintaining a high product and service quality.

Device Delivery and Sample Installation

The equipment is delivered, an example installation is carried, after the instalment the device is ready for immediate use.

Steps to Planning and Implementation

Regular automatic reporting and preventive alert limits are planned and directed to responsible parties.

Service and Customer Support

Service support is included in the contract. Our team of experts is at your disposal, ensuring peace of mind throughout the contract.

Service Solutions


Use Case with


Use case

Railway Machinery Maintenance and Management

IOTSU® VAKAA Location tracking solution can be used for railway machinery maintenance and management. Click below to learn more about how IOTSU® VAKAA enables saving in time and costs in railway asset management.

Learn more about IOTSU® VAKAA service solution and join 10.000+ satisfied customers.

Service Solution Models

Our models are flexible and customisable for your needs. Contact us and together we can find the best model for you


Delivery of equipment
Sample installation


Expert services and solutions
Device delivery and sample installation
Reporting – planning and implementation
Service support and care


Optimised expert services and solutions
Device delivery and sample  installation
Customer-specific reporting – planning, implementation, and background support
Service support and care

Service Solutions Deployment

Clear Deployment

During commissioning, we guide you through the reporting and analysis of remote monitoring.

Real-Time Data

Receive real-time data immediately after the device is set-up with the data being sent straight to the cloud.

Service Optimisation

Set up customised users, track results and set alert limits and notifications with our professional team.

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