IoT-tracking of IAQ Reduces Health Challenges in Schools

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in schools causes various health challenges and problems to school children. On an average schoolday children are indoors for one-third of the time. Studies have shown that poor IAQ in schools interferes with learning activities and can cause discomfort, irritation, and various other short-term health problems in students, teachers, and staff. Indoor pollutants can be especially harmful for students already affected by allergies or asthma, which would make more than 1 in 3 of every child in Europe (EFA, 2001).

Municipal school buildings can at times be decades old and this has its consequences on IAQ. Old ventilation systems might not be as effective, which calls for optimisation of usage. This can be achieved with IoT enabled solutions – IoT tracks the IAQ for you and sends notificiations and alerts on the state of the air you breathe. It compiles the data for you and you can take the appropriate steps to enhance the Indoor Air Quality in your facility. The students, teachers, and staff can concentrate on education breathing fresh, not stuffy air.

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