IoT Tracking Permits to Direct Human Resources Where They Are Needed

Large industrial areas bring additional challenges to monitoring and safety. The switches, levers, and cabinets, or whether they are on or off needs to be monitored to ensure that there are no damages to workers or losses in materials. Imagine having to monitor every lever and switch in a large industrial area with mere human resources. This would take a large part of the workers’ daily time, and with the amount of switches and levers being numerous, it would be a tedious task to do, which makes it more susceptible to mistakes.

This is all resolved by IoT enabled solutions. Automatic monitoring of the switches, levers and cabinets in your industrial area in near real-time gives you the chance to find out with a few clicks if any levers or valves are left on (or off). Identify which of them are in the wrong position and direct your workers there, instead of having them do rounds in the entire plant. Direct human resources where they are needed the most, and increase productivity by letting IoT do the tedious task for you.

Nothing is better suited to this than IOTSU® VALPAS. Small Data Garden provides the most reliable and practical IoT solutions in the global market today, letting you concentrate on getting productivity and your profits up. We provide IoT solutions that are built to last – all our solutions offer long range coupled with long life, giving you peace of mind. Contact our sales team today to ensure that all of the valves, switches, levers and cabinets in your industrial plant are positioned right at all times.