The city of Porvoo has launched Small Data Garden’s IOTSU® VARMA service to strengthen our cooperation

IoT products and solutions provider Small Data Garden Ltd. and the city of Porvoo are expanding their cooperation with the help of the IOTSU® VARMA service. The service is used to monitor the indoor air quality of the target sites. With the help of the IOTSU® VARMA service, the maintenance of correct and high-quality conditions in the various facilities and structures of the sites are monitored near real time.

Indoor air conditions are monitored with versatile and wireless Small Data Garden Ltd.’s IOTSU® measurement solutions, and IOTSU® VARMA Cloud service. Among other things, the indoor air temperature and humidity as well as the pressure difference are continuously measured at the sites. IOTSU® measurement solutions produce high-quality measurement data for the city of Porvoo. The IOTSU® VARMA service ensures the correct levels of the building’s pressure conditions and provides good indoor air for people and structures by optimising ventilation operations.

With the help of the data collected by the IOTSU® measurement solutions, the ventilation can be adjusted, and the effects of the adjustment can be seen near real time. The IOTSU® VARMA service creates a clear situational picture of the sites and enables the follow-up of the repairs. With the help of the service, the city of Porvoo can direct its resources to the right places and is able to quickly react to possible problem situations.

Sander Soitu, System Specialist, +358 45 355 2410
Timo Liukko, Partner and Chairman, +358 40 7012272

Small Data Garden is a Finnish company that offers its customers the opportunity to monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality in properties in order to save energy and create good conditions. Safe conditions can be ensured at construction sites. We have delivered more than 19,000 IOTSU® devices and measurement solutions.