SWOY and Small Data Garden expanding co-operation

SWOY is expanding co-operation with Small Data Garden by adding a new IOTSU® combination device to their service assortment and updated platform for all devices.

Stig Wahlström Oy is offering high-technology products and solutions for their customers in industrial companies and infrastructure industries. SWOY is a part of international Addtech-concern. The company’s roots go back over 100 years in technical trade. The goal is to offer the customers wider service and future solutions.

SWOY is offering a wide range of IoT devices in air quality measuring

SWOY has expanded their product and service selection with wireless IoT devices and brings a high-class next generation IoT device portfolio to the traditional field of industry.

The device selection covers air quality measuring which includes temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, particulate matter, VOC and their combination. The devices include a versatile service for analysing results and reporting.

Wireless measuring provides the customers a reliable and accurate monitoring with IOTSU® devices. Real time data collecting, and reporting makes it possible to monitor quality and minimize risks. ”SWOY is an excellent partner and specialist and our co-operation has begun very well. At the moment we are expanding the assortment for SWOY with IOTSU® combination devices.” says Timo Liukko from Small Data Garden.

IOTSU® devices are designed even for industrial and other demanding circumstances. With the devices, circumstances can be monitored and measured easily, safely and efficient. The devices are easily integrated to other information systems and the measured data can be analyzed based on customer needs. Data transfers reliably and effortlessly to the cloud service by Digita’s reliable nationwide LoRaWAN® network.

Did you get interested in IOTSU® ?

For more information about Small Data Garden’s IOTSU® products can be found on our website or via

Timo Liukko, Partner, tel. +358 40 701 2272, timo.liukko@smalldatagarden.fi
Sander Soitu, System Specialist, tel. +358 45 355 2410, sander.soitu@smalldatagarden.fi

For more information about SWOY,
Janne Holopainen, tel. +358 40 1829 394, janne.holopainen@swoy.fi