Small Data Garden delivers high-quality solutions for indoor air quality management in properties

Founded in 2017, Small Data Garden designs and manufactures high-quality solutions and products for indoor air quality monitoring, measurement and management of buildings that can be easily integrated into existing solutions. The company’s IOTSU® services and products are based on artificial intelligence, sensor technology and cloud services.

“We design solutions and devices that help real estate management and maintenance teams to optimize indoor air quality and ventilation in buildings. Our goal is to offer high-quality and very durable solutions that enable both energy savings and savings in maintenance costs,” sums up Small Data Garden’s Partner & Chairman Timo Liukko. Small Data Garden’s services enable savings of up to 20% in energy costs related to indoor air and around 30% in maintenance costs.

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Timo Liukko, Partner and Chairman, +358 40 7012272

Small Data Garden is a Finnish company that offers its customers the opportunity to monitor temperature, humidity and air quality in properties in order to save energy and create good conditions. Safe conditions can be ensured at construction sites. We have delivered more than 19,000 IOTSU® devices and measurement solutions.