Small Data Garden and Digita offer a great partnership for real estate companies

Real estate professionals are increasingly embracing digitalisation. When choosing solutions, it is important that services and equipment can be easily connected to existing systems and are suitable for the client’s needs.

This is exactly where Small Data Garden, which develops IoT solutions, specialises in. We provide real estate specialists with customised solutions for intelligent data collection, reporting, and analysis.

“Thanks to our in-house product development and manufacturing, we are able to guarantee the performance of our equipment and software and can react quickly to different needs. We design, test, and manufacture our equipment and services so we can stand behind them,” says Petri Hänninen, CTO of Small Data Garden.

The quality of the service is also guaranteed by local networks based on LoRaWAN® technology, which enables good coverage even in the most challenging conditions.

Our service gives our customers strong backing from the start. Our IOTSU®  solution can be easily connected to various heating, air conditioning, and automation systems previously in use.

By combining our expertise in real estate and IoT solutions with our strong local infrastructure, we deliver efficient, reliable services and business models.

Small Data Garden is a Finnish company that develops, manufactures, and delivers IoT solutions. Digita is Small Data Garden’s partner and reseller of IOTSU® devices in Finland.

Did you get interested in IOTSU® ?

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