Securing air quality with the new optimised platform

New IOTSU® device platform optimised for improved performance in air quality measuring

Small Data Garden has launched a new IOTSU® device platform bringing even better performance for our devices monitoring indoor air quality. IOTSU® L3 platform for measuring indoor air quality is designed to make the devices more intelligent. This means improved technology and software, which makes the device a unity of high quality. IOTSU® indoor air quality measuring device is simple to use and the data collected can be analysed according to customer needs.

Securing air quality with the new optimised platform

Small Data Garden’s IOTSU® sensor units enable reliable measurement of indoor air quality. The units gather valid data, and the data enables accurate monitoring, clear and simple reporting based on customer’s need, and identification of criticalities for detailed actions. The improved software inside the device has been designed to serve our customer needs with better stability.

Monitoring air quality gives the user a possibility of preventing air quality risks and to secure healthy conditions. The devices are maintenance-free up to five years. The improved indoor air quality products are mostly ideal to use in locations such as school environment, housing and monitoring air quality in different working and office environments.

IOTSU® devices are small and easy to use – the wireless sensor unit is attached to the monitored space, after which it starts sending measurement data to the cloud service, and from there on to the customer. The sensor units are standalone, containing their own battery and transmitter, which means external connections are not required. The IOTSU® devices are designed, built and tested in Finland. Therefore, the knowledge and expertise of the platform are secured and close to the customer.

The platform works on a LoRaWAN® network. The LoRaWAN® network has been built specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT). The network transmits measuring data reliably and conveniently to the cloud service used.

Digita is Small Data Garden’s partner and IOTSU® distributor in Finland.

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