OMFIL takes advantage of IOTSU® VARMA to measure fine particulates and determine filtration needs

OMFIL, a market leader in the marketing, planning, design and consulting of filters and filter systems for air and gas filtration uses the IOTSU® VARMA service to measure fine particulate concentrations and determine filtration needs for its customer projects. The level of fine particulates at the installation site is an important safety, health and quality parameter. The IOTSU® VARMA solution allows to see the actual operational fine particulate levels and to plan the necessary air cleaning and filtration measures to ensure indoor air quality. After the measures have been applied, the change can be verified and the situation can be monitored by continuous measurement.

The deployment of fully wireless IOTSU® solutions is easy and fast. The solution starts providing measurement data immediately after deployment, which means that benefits are also available right away.

IOTSU AQ09 Combo
At the heart of the IOTSU® VARMA service is the IOTSU® platform, which combines versatile cloud solutions and the best measurement technology to deliver high-quality data collection and benefits.
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