New product release IOTSU S2R location tracker

Small Data Garden has released an exciting new product in its IOTSU® family for IoT solutions. The IOTSU® S2R L02 is designed for long-term wireless asset tracking in demanding outdoor use cases. IOTSU® S2R can be attached onto any vehicle, tool or container. It collects location data and sends it to the cloud.

  • The tracker uses GPS satellite tracking to accurately locate assets.
  • The integrated accelerometer is used to conserve energy by only sending location information when the device is on the move.
  • The device is powered by an internal battery to allow tracking of non-powered assets for up to 10 years.

For more information visit the product page or contact us directly:

IOTSU S2R L02 product page

Sander Soitu, System Specialist
+358 45 3552410