Netmore launches IOTSU® VARMA service and sees that it is needed in Sweden

IOTSU® VARMA service solution has been launched in the Gothenburg premises of Netmore, the nationwide LoRaWAN® operator in Sweden. The IOTSU® VARMA solution was quick to commission and provides Netmore valuable high-quality data of their indoor air conditions. Netmore sees that the service solution is valuable and needed in the Swedish real estate markets as well.

Through the IOTSU® VARMA service, the indoor air conditions are monitored with versatile and wireless Small Data Garden Ltd.’s IOTSU® measurement solutions, and IOTSU® VARMA Cloud service. Among other things, the indoor air temperature and humidity as well as the carbon dioxide levels are continuously monitored. IOTSU® measurement solutions produce high-quality measurement data to support decision making of property owners. The IOTSU® VARMA service ensures good indoor air for people and structures through efficient reporting tools.

Netmore is the provider of nation-wide LoRaWAN® connectivity in Sweden and other countries. Their carrier grade network is purpose-built to onboard millions of devices. Their European network is growing, and they currently support hundreds of projects with reliable LoRaWAN®.

Sander Soitu, System Specialist, +358 45 355 2410
Timo Liukko, Partner and Chairman, +358 40 7012272

Small Data Garden is a Finnish company that offers its customers the opportunity to monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality in properties in order to save energy and create good conditions. Safe conditions can be ensured at construction sites. We have delivered more than 19,000 IOTSU® devices and measurement solutions.