IOTSU® multipurpose unit collects even more data about indoor air

Small Data Garden has launched an efficient multipurpose unit for monitoring indoor air quality. The new member of our product family is the IOTSU® AQ08 Air Quality unit. “This is an ideal product for Finnish offices and residential properties because it gives a detailed and thorough overview of air quality,” says Timo Liukko, Small Data Garden Ltd’s board chairman.

IOTSU® AQ08 Air Quality measures the temperature and relative humidity of indoor air as well as the concentrations of carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and particles that the air contains. Previously several separate devices were needed to take these measurements. No longer.

Now all measuring is performed with a single measuring device that can be installed easily without the need for on-site configuration.  There is no longer any need for local base stations, electric sockets or technical personnel to install multiple devices.

“Small Data Garden’s devices are attached to the desired measuring points in a residential property or office, and data travels along Digita’s IoT network to the customer’s user interface. This is an easy and convenient way of monitoring the status of residential and commercial premises, and for reacting rapidly to any alerts. The product opens up new opportunities for housing companies and offices to enhance work comfort and improve energy efficiency,” says Digita Oy’s Ari Kuukka, Director, IoT Services.

The equipment works on a LoRaWAN® network. The LoRaWAN® network was built specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT) and covers the whole of Finland. The network transmits measuring data reliably, conveniently and sufficiently frequently to the cloud service you use.

Digita is Small Data Garden’s partner and IOTSU® distributor in Finland.

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