Continuous Innovation Brings IoT to Previously Uncovered Domains

flexible iot device
At Small Data Garden we continuously strive to develop innovative IoT solutions that are grounded on reliability and practicality. Our latest innovation, IOTSU® Flexi, is an IoT tracking solution that fits and bends – the plaster-like node can be attached to surfaces of all shapes and sizes, bringing IoT location tracking to a new level.

The thin and bendable Flexi is designed to secure a successful delivery process, ensuring critical deliveries even in harsh conditions. Flexi captures data to gain transparency for the entire delivery process, providing peace of mind for the dispatcher, the logistics operator as well as the recipient. Designed with reliability and battery longevity in mind, the user-friendly Flexi is not just an impressive sight: it combines innovativity with reliability, permitting the use of IoT location tracking solutions in previously uncovered domains.

Flexi is especially useful for tracking valuable assets and cargo. Add value to the entire delivery process by installing the revolutionary Flexi device into the shipment – the small size and the bendability of the Flexi device is bound to impress the recipient, giving the image that with your product, everything is thought through to the smallest detail. With Flexi you can boost the image of your product’s value – what’s more impressive, a chunky IoT location tracking device stuffed into the shipment, or the elegant and graceful Flexi device that fits and bends? The choice is yours.