How we built a team of IoT professionals

At Small Data Garden our team is passionate about IoT. Over the last two years we have gathered a team of industry professionals, from software developers to product engineers and solution support and sales. We have two offices, the main office in Riihimäki and a technical office in Seinäjoki.

Actually, before Small Data Garden was even established, our core team had been working together for several years. When the idea of Small Data Garden was born, we started gathering people around us to supplement our skills.

Having a dedicated team creates competitive advantage

We take pride in having high expectations and standards for our work and devices. As we design, manufacture, test and optimise our IOTSU® devices ourselves, we know exactly how they work.

A versatile team of professionals has created a competitive advantage for us. Our customers can trust that our devices and solutions are high quality, reliable, and cost-effective.

We regularly measure customer satisfaction and work hard to keep our customers happy. Getting feedback from our customers is also essential for us so we can innovate and develop our solutions.

If you’re passionate about IoT and want to become the best in the industry, contact us and let’s talk!