Bring IoT to Live with IOTSU®

We provide overall Indoor Air Quality Solutions and Energy Savings based on High quality data and Analysis and real implementation

Small Data Garden

Our expertise ensures that our customers, ranging from construction to facility management and logistics, can focus on growing their business while IoT tracks air quality, location and motion to ensure well-being, safety and transparency. Not only does IoT-tracking save in time and costs, but it also enhances transparency and makes for more sustainable business by allocating precious resources more effectively. Read more about how IoT ensures these key strengths from our company news!

Facility Management and Smart Buildings

IOTSU® VARMA Indoor Air Quality solutions gather valid data from home environments, office areas, public spaces, and construction sites to ensure healthy & safe indoor air. This permits our customers to efficiently channel their energy resouces, to enhance the well-being of people who use the buildings as well as anticipate maintenance needs.


Indoor Air Quality



Logistics and Asset Tracking

IOTSU® VAKAA solutions can be used for tracking valuable assets and transports as well as tracking the operating hours and the maintenance needs of machines and vehicles. This permits our customers to avoid losing or misplacing assets, anticipate maintenance needs and save in time and costs.

Bring IoT location tracking to a new level

At Small Data Garden we continuously strive to develop innovative IoT solutions that are grounded on reliability and practicality. Our latest innovation, IOTSU® Flexi, is an IoT tracking solution that fits and bends – the plaster-like node can be attached to surfaces of all shapes and sizes, bringing IoT location tracking to a new level.