IoT Device Solutions

Small Data Garden offers IoT device solutions that are built to last for Air Quality, Location and Motion Tracking. Choose from the IOTSU® VARMA, VAKAA, and VALPAS product families and integrate the devices with ease into your existing IoT architecture. Contact us to learn more!

IOTSU® Rugged GPS Sigfox

IOTSU® S2R L03 is a wireless device that measures GPS location data combined with acceleration.
IOTSU® S2R L03 is designed for tracking assets, monitoring critical transportations and cold chains, and optimizing machine and vehicle maintenance.

In addition to location tracking IOTSU® S2R L03 can measure temperature, tilt and shock. The device can also be remotely configured with wide array of downlink commands to help make the device fit various different use cases. Example parameters that can be adjusted include temperature, tilt and shock thresholds, which trigger the device to send an alarm message when exceeded.

IOTSU® S2R L03 can be mounted on any object such as a deliverable package, container or vehicle.
The device is maintenance-free and encased in an industrial quality casing resistant to dust and splatter. Installation is fast and easy.

IOTSU® S2R uses the global Sigfox network connection. There is no need for external power

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DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 140 x 60 x 40 mm
WEIGHT: 225g with battery
SENSORS: GPS, Acceleration, Temperature
TRANSMISSION CYCLE: Configurable, alerts
BATTERY: 2x size C 3.6V, replaceable.
MOUNTING: Adhesive tape, screws