IoT Device Solutions

Small Data Garden offers IoT device solutions that are built to last for Air Quality, Location and Motion Tracking. Choose from the IOTSU® VARMA, VAKAA, and VALPAS product families and integrate the devices with ease into your existing IoT architecture. Contact us to learn more!


IOTSU® E Ink can be used to display data from IoT applications including for example real estate management, logistics, industrial processes, and retail. Wirelessly connected content displays allow for convenient monitoring of information such as water and electricity consumption of apartments, air
quality measurements or even cloud based data.

IOTSU® E Ink can improve the usability of many battery-powered IoT devices such as real estate meters, cold-chain temperature data loggers and
environmental sensors. The LoRaWAN® communication interface enables smooth data transfers to and from the cloud.

IOTSU® E Ink configuration tool allows the display content to be customized based on customer needs and allows presenting of user specific content such as sensor readings and QR-codes. IOTSU® E Ink provides at-a-glance visibility into data in real estate, logistics and manufacturing applications. The unit has a well defined API for interfacing with different cloud platforms.

IOTSU® L2 uses the global LoRaWAN® network connection. There is no need for external power supply.


LPWAN device with configurable electrophoretic display

DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 80 x 120 x 35 mm
WEIGHT: 200g with battery
DISPLAY SIZE: 57,2mm x 38,1mm (2,7”)
DISPLAY FEATURES: 264 x 176 pixel (117dpi), black/white
UPDATE QUERY RATE: configurable, default 20min
BATTERY: 3.6V, lifetime with default settings 5 years, replaceable
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 0°C to +50°C, humidity RH 40-85%, non-condensing
MOUNTING: Screws, adhesive tape
*Default profile: Query rate 20min, Update rate 1h,

Datasheet (PDF)