IoT Device Solutions

Small Data Garden offers IoT device solutions that are built to last for Air Quality, Location and Motion Tracking. Choose from the IOTSU® VARMA, VAKAA, and VALPAS product families and integrate the devices with ease into your existing IoT architecture. Contact us to learn more!

IOTSU® S1 and S1R Temperature & Humidity

Measures air temperature and relative humidity. Can be used for long time monitoring of real estates and building structures.

IOTSU® T02 is a wireless device designed for long time monitoring of temperature in outdoor environments.

  • Maintenance free
  • Quick and easy to install



DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): S1: 77 x 25 x 22mm, S1R 35 x 35 x 90mm
WEIGHT: S1 40 g and S1R 92 g with battery
SENSOR: S1 Temperature, humidity, S1R Temperature
TRANSMISSION CYCLE: S1 2h, S1R 4h, both adjustable
MEASUREMENT CYCLE: 30min, adjustable
ANTENNA CLASS: Sigfox Class 0u
IP CLASS: S1 5X (indoor), S1R 67
BATTERY: AA 3.6V, lifetime with default settings S1 3 years and S1R 5 years, replaceable
OPERATING CONDITIONS: S1 5 C to +50 C, Relative humidity =80% (Non
condensing), S1R -30 C to +50 C
ACCURACY: Typical 0.25 C, 2%