IoT Device Solutions

Small Data Garden offers IoT device solutions that are built to last for Air Quality, Location and Motion Tracking. Choose from the IOTSU® VARMA, VAKAA, and VALPAS product families and integrate the devices with ease into your existing IoT architecture. Contact us to learn more!

Designed for System Integrators and Solution Providers

IOTSU® devices are designed to be used as part of a system to provide value to a process. The products can be integrated to existing or new systems and have features that help business partners with launching top-class solutions based on the IOTSU® device platform.
IOTSU® devices are reliable, well documented, configurable, and designed to match their intended use cases. The expertise of Small Data Garden’s personnel is available for anyone looking into applying IOTSU® to their business field.

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IOTSU® VARMA - Indoor Air Quality

IOTSU® Indoor Air Quality solutions gather valid data from home environments, office areas, public spaces, and construction sites to ensure healthy & safe indoor air.

IOTSU® VAKAA - Location

IOTSU® Location solutions can be used for tracking valuable assets and transports.
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