AmbiTek Offers a Comprehensive Solution for Indoor Air Monitoring Based on IOTSU® Solutions

AmbiTek, a provider of indoor air solutions from the Netherlands, has chosen the IOTSU® measurement solution as a part of their service solution. AmbiTek’s solutions are used to monitor the indoor air quality of properties, especially in classrooms and office buildings. Temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide are measured at the sites.

The indoor air quality of the sites is measured with Small Data Garden Oy’s high-quality and wireless IOTSU® measurement solutions which easily and effortlessly collect data to the cloud. IOTSU® measurement solutions are battery powered long lifetime IoT devices, ensuring stable and reliable operation. By providing high-quality measurement data, the need for maintenance at the sites can be predicted.

The IOTSU® measurement solutions used by AmbiTek also have a convenient display equipped with a traffic lights, which allows you to quickly get information about indoor air quality locally. The display clearly indicates the indoor air quality of the sites on a traffic lights scale according to predefined thresholds. The traffic lights threshold values can be adjusted to comply with regional regulations.

Sander Soitu, System Specialist, +358 45 355 2410
Timo Liukko, Partner and Chairman, +358 40 7012272

Small Data Garden is a Finnish company that offers its customers the opportunity to monitor temperature, humidity and air quality in properties in order to save energy and create good conditions. Safe conditions can be ensured at construction sites. We have delivered more than 19,000 IOTSU® devices and measurement solutions.

AmbiTek offers a comprehensive system for improving indoor air quality and helps to achieve the required standards for healthy buildings in accordance with laws and guidelines. With their solutions AmbiTek wants to bring fresh indoor air available to everyone.